T17962-G1 LCD Main Display for Advantage


LCD Main Display for Advantage

SKU: FR-T17962-G1
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Revitalize your Gilbarco Advantage Series fuel dispensers with the T17962-G1 LCD Main Display.

Expertly remanufactured to original performance specifications, this display restores the crisp, clear transaction visibility that your customers depend on. It’s the perfect solution for service stations seeking to enhance user experience and maintain operational excellence without investing in brand-new components.

Product Highlights:

  • Crystal-Clear Readability: Featuring advanced LCD technology, this display ensures outstanding visibility and readability for all transaction details, even in varying lighting conditions.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Specially remanufactured for the Gilbarco Advantage Series, it promises flawless integration and restored functionality, ensuring your dispensers operate smoothly.
  • Intuitive Customer Interface: Elevate the fueling experience with a display that provides a straightforward view of fuel volumes, pricing, and total costs, making transactions effortless for your customers.
  • Built to Endure: Designed to withstand the demanding environment of fuel service stations, this remanufactured display maintains its durability and reliability, ensuring long-term service.
  • Operational Efficiency: With accurate and immediate transaction feedback, it streamlines the fueling process, minimizes wait times, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Why Opt for the Remanufactured T17962-G1 LCD Main Display?

Choosing the remanufactured T17962-G1 LCD Main Display is a smart, sustainable choice that delivers the clarity and performance of a new display at a fraction of the cost. It’s an environmentally friendly option that extends the life of valuable technology while keeping your fuel dispensers at peak performance.