the Freedom Fuel Defender

A modern solution for protecting your retail petroleum business

In today’s competitive retail petroleum landscape, safeguarding your profits and minimizing fuel theft are essential to success.

The Freedom Fuel Defender, an innovative retrofit solution specifically designed for Gilbarco Encore fuel dispensers*, offers advanced monitoring technology to reduce fraud and fuel theft.

* Gilbarco Encore™ is a registered trademark of Gilbarco Veeder-Root Company.

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Key Advantages

of the Freedom Fuel Defender

  • Detects suspicious behavior and shuts off fuel flow
  • UL approved
  • Quick and easy installation, installs in minutes
  • Reduced fuel theft and fraud
  • Increased profits and operational efficiency
  • Improved customer trust and loyalty
  • Future-proof technology that grows with your business

Proactive Security with Advanced Monitoring

The Freedom Fuel Defender employs cutting-edge monitoring technology to quickly detect suspicious behavior at the pump. If a potential theft is identified, the system immediately shuts off the fuel flow, safeguarding your assets.

The pump remains ready for the next transaction, ensuring minimal disruption to regular operations. In case tampering is detected, the pump is immobilized and a technician is required to restore operation.

Stay Ahead with Future-Proof Technology

With plans for future enhancements that include real-time data and analytics, the Freedom Fuel Defender not only protects your business today but also sets you up for ongoing success.

Ultra-high coming soon!

Quick and Easy Installation

Our installation process is designed to minimize disruption to your business. In just a matter of minutes, your fuel dispensers will be upgraded with this powerful anti-theft solution.

Safety and Reliability You Can Trust

The Freedom Fuel Defender is UL listed, ensuring it meets rigorous safety and reliability standards. Trust in a product that is tested and certified for your peace of mind.


The Freedom Fuel Defender is compatible with the most commonly installed retail fuel dispensers: Encore 500/500S and Encore 700S.

Upgrade and Secure Your Dispensers Today

Say goodbye to excessive losses and hello to peace of mind, in just minutes!

Protect your profits and enhance the security of your business with the Freedom Fuel Defender. Contact us to upgrade your existing dispensers today and experience the benefits of this revolutionary fuel theft prevention system.

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