Return Policy

Return Policy

  • Rebuilt parts unopened, unused and still sealed in their box may be returned for full credit up to 12 months from date of invoice.
  • Opened, unused rebuilt parts may be returned within 12 months of date of invoice but will be assessed a 25% restocking fee. 
  • OEM resale parts may not be returned.

Core Policy

  • Please return your cores.  We need them to stay in business.
  • Returned cores must be in rebuildable condition and must be on a like-for-like basis
  • Not all cores are rebuildable.
  • When possible, we will send our repaired part in advance of receiving your core.
  • Cores owed notices or reminders will be sent at 30 and 60 days from date of shipment.
  • If a rebuildable core has not been returned after 90 days, we will invoice for the core amount.
  • If a core has not been returned or core invoice has not been paid within 30 days of core invoice date, customer will be placed on credit hold.
  • We want your cores! To ensure proper credit, you must receive prior approval to return cores more than 31 days after the core invoice date.
  • To streamline the core return process, please enroll in the Freedom Electronics Enhanced Core Management program.
  • Most orders are fulfilled from finished goods inventory, so Freedom Electronics does not reserve individual serial numbered parts or cores.

Freight Policy

Orders are shipped UPS ground, unless otherwise requested. Shipment charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.

Payment Terms

  • Payments must be made in U.S. dollars.
  • Payment method is dependent upon credit terms stated on invoice.
  • New customers require a credit card. Regular customers may apply for credit terms.
  • Freedom Electronics prefers payment by ACH or wire transfer.
  • Past due payments may be charged interest of 1.5% per month.
  • Accounts with past due balances may be placed on credit hold.
  • Accounts with ongoing past due balances may be turned over to collections.