We power a broad range of industries with our innovative solutions, exceptional service, and high-quality products.

From retail petroleum to electric vehicles and beyond, we play a pivotal role in various industry sectors.

Retail Petroleum

Our expertise in the retail petroleum industry is unmatched. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to the specific needs of:

Fuel Dispensers

Top-quality fuel dispensers parts to ensure reliability, accuracy, and speed

Automatic Tank Gauges

Products for automatic tank gauges to monitor your fuel assets effectively, designed for robust performance and longevity

Fuel Security

Freedom Fuel Defender, an innovative retrofit solution specifically designed for Gilbarco Encore fuel dispensers, offers advanced monitoring technology to reduce fraud and fuel theft

Disconnect Systems

Dependable disconnect systems to help protect your assets and personnel, contributing to a safer work environment

Consumer Electronics

At Freedom Electronics, we’re committed to a greener future and promoting sustainable practices.

Electric Vehicles

As the world moves toward sustainable transportation, we are dedicated to reducing e-waste and promoting a sustainable future with our EV Charger Recycling Program. Discover how we’re making a difference, and how you can earn up to $125 for a non-working electric vehicle charger.

Convenience Stores 

We offer remanufactured and new products for C-stores that help reduce operating costs.

POS Systems

C-store POS systems and components, designed to enhance speed, security, and ease of use


Durable, clear-sounding intercom systems, accessories and parts

Other Industries

Our commitment to innovation and service extends beyond petroleum and electric vehicles. We also provide key services to a variety of other industries.


Freedom Electronics provides expert remanufacturing services, breathing new life into used components and equipment, contributing to sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Engineering Systems

Our team excels in designing and implementing custom engineering systems that boost efficiency and productivity, helping your business thrive.

Contract Manufacturing

Trust Freedom Electronics with your contract manufacturing needs. We offer flexible, scalable, and quality-focused solutions to meet your specific objectives. 

Have a project in mind? Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.