Warranty Policy

Products are warranted to be free from defect. Warranty covers the repair or replacement of the original part only.  Warranty items will be repaired at no charge.  There is no allowance for labor or mileage.  UPS ground freight charges will be paid for outbound warranty shipments.  The customer is responsible for return shipping costs when returning items for warranty consideration.  

Warranty is from date of installation, maximum of 18 months from date of invoice.

Rebuilt circuit boards, consoles, Vapor motors, pulsers –> 1 year

Cash drawers –> 6 months

Rebuilt in-the-pump printers –> 120 days

New Freedom in-the-pump printers –> 6 months

Rebuilt POS printers –> 90 days

New HCR2s and HCR2 kits –> 1 year 

Rebuilt UX300 –> 60 days

Rebuilt MX915 –> 6 months

OEM resale parts (new UX300s, UPMs, SPMs) –> OEM original warranty passed on by Freedom Electronics

Freedom Electronics OEM resale parts and consoles are warranted by the manufacturer’s original warranty, which Freedom Electronics passes on to the purchaser.  If the OEM refuses to cover the warranty of a requested part, Freedom Electronics will invoice the customer for any replacement part already supplied by Freedom Electronics.

Attached is Verifone’s warranty document. The last page details the MRA process for getting warranties processed. That process is highlighted below.  Warranty claims should be processed directly with Verifone, per the attachment and description below.

MRA Return Process – How to Return a Product for Warranty Repair:

  • Customer must obtain a material return authorization (“MRA”) from Verifone during the warranty period via Verifone’s client portal as set forth below in order to return a product to Verifone.
  • In the event Verifone’s client portal is not available, customer must obtain the MRA by emailing Verifone at I_mra_help@verifone.com or calling Verifone at (800) 834-9133.
  • Customer must provide Verifone the serial number of the unit needing repair and the return ship to information in order to obtain the MRA. If customer emails Verifone, it must also provide Verifone with a description of the repair issue and the address to which Verifone should return the repaired or replacement product.
  • Once the customer has received the MRA, customer must return the product to Verifone such that Verifone receives the product during the warranty period or within ten (10) days after the end of the warranty period for such product. Customer must include the MRA with the product when it returns the product to Verifone. Customer must ship the defective product to Verifone’s current warranty service provider, at the address set forth in the MRA.