503-0307 Gilbarco Advantage Single PPU Overlay

Freedom Engineered for Gilbarco

Overlay, Single PPU for Advantage

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Discover the Precision of the Advantage Overlay, Single PPU

Introducing the 503-0307 Gilbarco Advantage Single PPU Overlay, a product that redefines clarity and durability in the fuel service sector. When it comes to displaying the price per gallon, with all taxes included, nothing does it better than this exceptional overlay.

Unparalleled Visibility

Every fuel dispenser demands an overlay that provides clear and easy-to-read figures. With its high contrast and sharp design, this overlay guarantees that every customer can swiftly and accurately discern the price, even from a distance.

Durability Meets Design

This overlay is crafted from robust materials, ensuring it can withstand diverse environmental conditions. Rain or shine, it remains unfazed, offering unparalleled longevity.

Effortless Application

No more wrestling with bubbles or awkward fittings. The Advantage Overlay, Single PPU, is designed for a smooth, hassle-free application. Once it’s on, it not only enhances the dispenser’s functionality but also its aesthetic appeal.

Why the 503-0307 Gilbarco Advantage Single PPU Overlay Stands Out?

  • Crystal Clear Display: The black overlay contrasts well with the price figures, eliminating any reading ambiguities.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built to endure, it remains pristine in all weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Beyond its primary function, it augments the dispenser’s appearance, making it more attractive to customers.

Whether it’s for ensuring transparency in pricing or giving the dispenser a polished look, the Advantage Overlay, Single PPU, is an indispensable asset for every fuel dispensing setup.