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Trademark II Wired Speaker Station Intercom System

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Trademark II
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The Trademark II Intercom System by ESCO: Your Essential Communication Solution

Looking to enhance your business’s communication? Look no further than the Trademark II Intercom System from ESCO. This system is specifically engineered to improve interaction within a range of business spaces – gas stations, fast food restaurants, truck stops, convenience stores, and service stations, to name a few.

The Trademark II is Customizable to Fit Your Business Needs

Firstly, this system stands out with its 8 or 20-speaker interface. However, it doesn’t stop there; it’s easily upgradeable to accommodate up to 16 or 32 speaker stations with the simple addition of optional 4 Speaker I/O Cards. Furthermore, it offers the ability to connect up to 16 Desktop Controllers, adapting to the unique needs of your workspace, regardless of its size.

Efficient Communication Made Simple

Secondly, the system’s dual-channel communication feature allows two simultaneous conversations, streamlining communication across your business. Coupled with remote-to-remote communication and VOX (voice-activated hands-free talk switching) features, engaging in conversations is as easy as speaking a command.

A User-Friendly and Intuitive Intercom System

Next, navigating the Trademark II is seamless, thanks to its large LCD display showcasing station and call statuses. Additionally, the system boasts an easy-to-use, chemical-resistant membrane keypad, further enhancing the user experience.

Sound Control at Your Fingertips

Moreover, this system offers you full control over your audio environment. Adjust speaker station volumes, message/music volumes, and alert beeper tones to your preference, creating a sound atmosphere that suits your business best.


The Trademark II is more than just an intercom system. With features like one-touch answer, monitor selection, silent standby, hold memory and all-line paging, it’s a versatile communication tool. Plus, you can assign up to 16 characters to label speaker locations and set call priority to a speaker station.

Compact, Durable, and Practical

Designed with practicality in mind, the Desktop Controller sports a small footprint design, and the Digital Interface Box can be conveniently mounted in the backroom. Both are robustly built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

The Trademark Name Means Quality

Finally, the Trademark II Intercom System is powered by a UL-approved Desktop Power Supply and comes with a 180-day warranty. Invest in the Trademark II Intercom System by ESCO and take your business communication to new heights. Embrace a system that works hard, just like you do.

Detailed Specifications

  • Upgradeable to 32 wired Speaker Stations
  • Connect up to 16 Desktop Controllers
  • User-friendly operation
  • Dual channel communication (2 conversations at once)
  • Remote to Remote communication
  • VOX (Voice activated hands-free talk switching)
  • Large LCD displays station and call status
  • Dry contact call input
  • Individual talk out speaker station volume control
  • Message / Music volume control
  • Adjustable alert beeper tone volume
  • Chemical-resistant long-life membrane keypad
  • One touch answer
  • Monitor selected speakers or silent standby
  • Hold memory
  • 18-inch detachable gooseneck microphone
  • Backroom mountable speaker interface
  • Small footprint design Desktop Controller
  • All line paging (capable of disabling select speakers)
  • Message / Music (capable of disabling select speakers)
  • Assign up to 16 characters to label speaker locations
  • Assign call priority to a speaker station
  • Individual or total message/music mute
  • Dedicated 5 Watt output amplifier for each speaker

Power Requirements

  • 100-240VAC ~ 2A, 50-60Hz, Using a UL-approved Desktop Power Supply

Dimensional Information

  • Desktop Controller: 8″ (203mm) x 5.75″ (146mm) x 2.75″ (70mm), 1.8lbs (.12kg)
  • Digital Interface Box: 8.25″ (210mm) x 10″ (254mm) x 4.375″ (111mm), 4.8lbs (2.18kg)