TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom w/Call, 13" Mic

Freedom Engineered for ESCO

5 Station Intercom with Call Feature

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Replacement for
TSC-1005XX, 941-0027, TSC-1005XXpulldown
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Box Dimensions
11 × 15 × 11 in
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TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom w/Call, 13″ Mic

Available Options:

  • TSC-1005CM – No broadcast alarm
    TSC-1005CAM – Switch-activated broadcast alarm

The TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom with call functionality is a versatile communication solution designed to enhance coordination and efficiency in various environments. With its advanced features and durable design, this intercom system ensures clear and reliable audio transmission.

Key Features:

  • 5-channel 2-way intercom system for seamless communication
  • External, switch-activated doorbell-type call-in feature for convenient access
  • 13″ gooseneck microphone for clear and intelligible audio
  • Optional switch-activated broadcast siren-type alarm for enhanced security
  • Individual station selector switches for targeted communication
  • Separate volume controls for “Talk out” and “Listen” for customizable sound levels
  • Durable ABS Plastic Case for long-lasting performance
  • Compact dimensions for space efficiency
  • Output Power: 5 watts “talk” channel, 2.5 watts “listen” channel
  • Power Requirements: 14VAC @ 20VA provided by a UL Listed wall mount transformer
  • Convenient 365-day Warranty for product assurance

Efficient Communication for Any Environment

The TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom is a versatile solution that allows seamless communication among multiple stations. With its 5-channel 2-way intercom system, it ensures efficient coordination and enhanced collaboration in various environments.

Convenient Access and Clear Audio

Featuring an external, switch-activated doorbell-type call-in feature, this intercom system offers convenient access for smooth interaction. The 13″ gooseneck microphone guarantees clear and intelligible audio transmission, facilitating effective communication.

Enhanced Security and Targeted Communication

For added security, the optional switch-activated broadcast siren type alarm provides an enhanced safety measure, offering an additional layer of protection for your premises. The individual station selector switches allow targeted communication, ensuring messages reach the intended recipients.

Customizable Sound Levels and Durable Design

The TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom includes separate volume controls for “Talk out” and “Listen,” enabling customizable sound levels for optimal clarity and comfort. With its durable ABS Plastic Case and compact dimensions, this intercom system offers long-lasting performance and space efficiency.

Quality and Warranty

Upgrade your communication system with the TSC-1005CM/CAM ESCO 5-Station Intercom and experience seamless coordination, enhanced security, and efficient communication. Backed by a convenient 365-day Warranty, this intercom system provides product assurance.