T18994-G1 Pump Interface Board for Legacy


Pump Interface Board for Legacy

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Upgrade your Gilbarco Legacy fuel dispensers with a Pump Interface Board T18994-G1.

This essential component ensures flawless communication between your dispensers and the pump, thereby delivering fuel accurately and efficiently. Moreover, designed specifically for Legacy models, it boosts system communication and enhances reliability. Furthermore, it withstands the tough environment of service stations, ensuring long-lasting performance. With easy installation, this upgrade ensures accurate fueling and seamless operations, consequently keeping customers satisfied and reducing maintenance stops.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Legacy Dispensers: Designed to fit Gilbarco Legacy models seamlessly.
  • Boosts Communication: Keeps the dispenser and pump in sync for smooth operations.
  • Built to Last: Tough enough to handle the rough environment of service stations.
  • Reliable: Promotes consistent fuel dispensing, reducing errors and maintenance stops.

Why You Need It:

  • Accurate Fueling: Ensures every gallon is dispensed correctly, thereby keeping customers happy.
  • Seamless Integration: Fits right into your system, upgrading functionality.
  • Dependable: Minimizes breakdowns and service interruptions.
  • Easy to Install: Simple setup gets you up and running quickly.

Perfect Upgrade:

Ideal for any station with Gilbarco Legacy series dispensers. This remanufactured T18994-G1 Pump Interface Board is an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to enhance your fuel dispensing system’s accuracy and reliability.

Give your Gilbarco Legacy dispensers a new lease on life with the remanufactured T18994-G1. Consequently, it’s the smart choice for maintaining high-quality, efficient fuel service. Upgrade today and ensure your operations are as smooth and reliable as ever.