T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Reg Unleaded Overlay

Freedom Engineered for Gilbarco

Advantage Overlay, Reg Unleaded

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T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Reg Unleaded Overlay

The T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Reg Unleaded Overlay is a testament to how a simple addition can significantly enhance a fuel station’s operations. Its vivid colors, clear labeling, and enduring durability make it a must-have accessory for fuel stations striving for excellence.

The T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Reg Unleaded Overlay Advantage

  • User-Centric Design: Its distinct color palette and clear text enhances the customer’s fueling experience, making it quicker and hassle-free.
  • Operational Efficiency: By enabling customers to identify the fuel type instantly, it reduces service times, increasing overall station efficiency.
  • Quick Installation: The overlay’s design ensures that it can be installed effortlessly, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational flow.

Introducing A New Level of Simplicity

Meet the T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Regular Unleaded Overlay, an elegant fusion of purpose and presentation. More than just a sticker, it is the efficient solution to one of the most common challenges in fuel stations: making fuel types distinct and unmistakable.

A Symphony of Colors

Embellished in red, black, blue, and white, the overlay employs a tasteful combination of colors. These striking colors catch the eye immediately, leaving no room for guesswork or uncertainty, and making fuel selection a breeze for customers.

No Room for Confusion

The overlay is more than just colorful – it’s informative. It proudly showcases the words “Regular Unleaded,” clarifying the fuel type with utmost precision. This leaves no room for any confusion, reducing potential mistakes, and contributing to an overall smooth fueling experience for customers.

Resilience in Every Weather

Constructed with robust materials, the T18785-G1623 Gilbarco Advantage Regular Unleaded Overlay is a champion of endurance. Whether it’s the summer sun, pouring rain, or freezing snow, it continues to serve with unrivaled durability, maintaining its colors and clarity, come what may.