T18350-G1 Electronic Pulser for Advantage, MPD


Electronic Pulser for Advantage, MPD

SKU: FR-T18350-G1
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Replacement for
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Models
Advantage, MPD
Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
Part Type
Box Dimensions
8 × 8 × 4 in
Dimensional Weight

Service your Gilbarco Advantage and MPD systems with the T18350-G1 Electronic Pulser.

This remanufactured T18350-G1 Electronic Pulser is tailored to integrate with the Gilbarco Advantage and MPD systems and ensures accurate fuel dispensing by reliably communicating the flow rate to the dispenser’s control system.

Our remanufacturing process sets the standard for excellence, focusing meticulously on high-failure components and not just restoring but enhancing the original OEM design for superior performance and reliability. When you choose the T18350-G1 Electronic Pulser, you’re not just getting a remanufactured part; you’re getting a component that has been upgraded to outperform your expectations.

Why Choose Our Remanufactured Electronic Pulser?

  • Precision Compatibility: Designed specifically for Gilbarco Advantage and MPD assemblies, guaranteeing a perfect fit and flawless operation.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Our comprehensive remanufacturing process addresses common failure points and enhances the design for improved longevity.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: We stand behind our remanufactured products with an industry-leading warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment.
  • Unbeatable Value: Enjoy better pricing without compromising on quality, and a warranty ensures your investment is protected.
At Freedom Electronics, our commitment to quality extends beyond remanufacturing. We also offer a wide range of Freedom Engineered products, designed to meet the rigorous demands of your fuel dispensing operations.