M12982A005 3+1 Product Single PPU Panel for Encore 700S


3+1 Product Single PPU Panel for Encore 700S

SKU: FR-M12982A005
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Replacement for
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Model
Encore 700S
Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
Part Type
Box Dimensions
11 × 18 × 3 in
Dimensional Weight

Refresh your Gilbarco Encore 700S dispensers with M12982A005, a 3+1 Product Single PPU Panel.

This panel shines in displaying prices for three main fuels plus one extra, making it easier for customers to see their options and prices.


  • Fits Encore 700S Perfectly: Designed just for the Encore 700S.
  • Shows 4 Prices: Clear pricing for three fuels and an additional option.
  • Built Tough: Ready for the outdoors and daily use.
  • Customer-Friendly: Makes choosing fuel simple and quick.

Why It’s Great:

  • Clear Choices: Helps customers make fast decisions with clear price displays.
  • More Options: Perfect for offering a variety of fuels, including special blends.
  • Quick Installation: Easy to add to your setup, keeping downtime low.
  • Durable: Made to last, even in tough weather.

Ideal Upgrade:

For any station with Gilbarco Encore 700S dispensers. This remanufactured M12982A005 panel is an eco-friendly, cost-effective choice to enhance service and display clarity.

Upgrade your dispensers with the remanufactured M12982A005 3+1 Product Single PPU Panel. It’s a smart way to improve customer experience and keep your Encore 700S dispensers running smoothly. Get yours today and give your customers the clear pricing they appreciate.