Maintained Emergency Stop Switch with AC Alarm (1-NO and 1-NC)

Freedom Engineered for ESCO

Maintained Emergency Stop Switch with AC Alarm (1-NO and 1-NC)

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Replacement for
935-0009, LOB-1012
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Model
EMS-1000 Disconnect
Disconnect Systems
Remote Alarm
Part Type
Box Dimensions
9 × 9 × 9 in
Dimensional Weight

Secure Your Operations with the Maintained Emergency Stop Switch with AC Alarm

Ensure maximum safety in your workplace with our robust emergency stop switch, perfectly designed for ESCO equipment and EMS-1000 Disconnect systems. This switch stops operations instantly and safely during emergencies.


Key Features:

  • Maintained Switch: Locks in place when pushed, preventing accidental restarts.
  • AC Alarm: Includes a loud alarm that sounds during activation to alert everyone immediately.
  • 1-NO and 1-NC Contacts: Offers flexible connection options for various safety requirements.
  • Designed for ESCO: Ideal fit for ESCO setups, ensuring seamless integration.


  • Immediate Shutdown: Quickly stops machinery to prevent accidents.
  • Audible Alert: Ensures that all nearby personnel are warned instantly.
  • Reliable Safety: Engineered to high standards, providing dependable operation.

Upgrade your safety measures with the Freedom Engineered Emergency Stop Switch. A must-have for any facility using disconnect systems or needing a remote alarm option. Perfect for enhancing control and safety in demanding environments.