ALM-1003 Alarm Acknowledge Switch

Alarm Acknowledge Switch

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Replacement for
935-0007, ALM-1003
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Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
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9 × 9 × 9 in
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Get the ALM-1003 Alarm Acknowledge Switch for your facility

This Freedom Remanufactured device lets operators quickly acknowledge and silence alarms, ensuring a swift response to any issues.



  • Quick Acknowledgment: Lets you manually acknowledge alarms fast.
  • Silence Alarms: Reduces noise, helping focus on solving the problem.
  • Seamless Fit: Made to work perfectly with your alarm system.
  • Simple to Use: Easy operation for anyone in your team.


  • Faster Responses: Encourages quick action, improving safety.
  • Safer Workplace: Ensures alarms get the attention they need.
  • Less Noise: Keeps the work environment more focused.
  • Everyone’s Informed: Shows that someone is addressing the alarm.

Perfect For:

Manufacturing, data centers, utilities—any place with a critical need for managing alarms. The Freedom Remanufactured ALM-1003 Alarm Acknowledge Switch is a must-have for maintaining safety and efficiency.

Upgrade to the remanufactured ALM-1003 for reliable alarm management. It’s an easy choice for keeping operations smooth and everyone safe. Make it part of your system today and stay on top of every alert.