111-092-5 Capacitor (17.5 MF) for 1/3hp and 3/4hp motor

Capacitor (17.5 MF) for 1/3hp and 3/4hp motor

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Enhance Your Motors with our 111-092-5 Capacitor (17.5 MF) for 1/3hp and 3/4hp Motor 

Enhance your motors with the 111-092-5 Capacitor (17.5 MF) for 1/3hp and 3/4hp motors. Moreover, this capacitor stabilizes voltage and provides efficient start-up power. Additionally, designed to fit tight spaces, it’s ideal for submersible pumping applications. Crafted by Freedom Electronics, it includes a 180-day warranty, ensuring durability and quality. Therefore, upgrade your machinery with this high-performance capacitor for consistent operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: 111-092-5
  • Capacity: 17.5 microfarads (MFD)
  • Designed For: 1/3hp and 3/4hp motors


  • Stabilizes Voltage: Ensures smooth motor operation by managing voltage fluctuations.
  • Efficient Start-Up: Provides the necessary power to start motors effectively.
  • Compact Size: Fits easily in tight spaces, perfect for submersible pumping applications.
  • Reliable: Comes with a 180-day warranty, highlighting its durability and quality.

Product Overview: The Extracta Capacitor 17-1/2 MFD is ideal for boosting the efficiency and performance of your motors. Crafted by Freedom Electronics, this capacitor is essential for maintaining consistent operational capacity in various machinery. It’s engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both residential and commercial environments.

Why Choose Freedom Engineered Products:

  • High-Quality Standards: Built to last with premium materials.
  • Expert Support: Backed by top-notch customer service from Freedom Electronics.
  • Easy Integration: Simple to install and compatible with multiple motor types.

For more information or to purchase the Extracta Capacitor 17-1/2 MFD, visit Freedom Electronics. Equip your machinery with a high-performance capacitor that delivers reliability and power when you need it most.