WM040824-0011 Single PPU Display Module (12 O'Clock) for Ovation 2, Helix

Freedom Engineered for Wayne

Single PPU Display Module (12 O’Clock) for Ovation 2, Helix

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Helix, Ovation 2
Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
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Box Dimensions
6 × 8 × 5 in
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Repair your dispenser with the WM040824-0011 Single PPU Display Module, tailor-made for Gilbarco Veeder-Root Ovation 2 and Wayne Helix models.

Introducing the WM040824-0011 Single PPU Display Module. This Freedom Engineered product is perfect for Gilbarco Veeder-Root Ovation 2 and Helix models. It ensures clear and accurate price displays. Easy to install and reliable. Enhance your fuel dispenser’s performance with this top-quality module.

Standout Features:

  • Brand New: repair with a new product instead of remanufactured.
  • Custom Fit for Ovation 2 and Helix: Ensures seamless operation with your Gilbarco dispensers.
  • Clear, Single Product Pricing: Displays the cost per unit for one fuel type, making it straightforward for customers.
  • Optimal Positioning: Places pricing information directly at eye level for easy viewing by customers.
  • Durably Engineered: Freedom Electronics builds this to endure the elements.

Why It’s a Must-Have:

  • Improves Customer Experience: Gives clear price information at the pump, enhancing service.
  • Simplifies Transactions: Keeps pricing transparent, reducing confusion or disputes.
  • Reliable Quality: A Freedom Electronics Engineered product, it promises less maintenance and consistent performance.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed for quick integration, minimizing downtime.

Ideal Upgrade For:

Any station with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Ovation 2 and Helix dispensers. The Freedom Electronics Engineered WM040824-0011 Single PPU Display Module is the perfect choice for ensuring your customers have access to accurate and visible pricing information.

Opt for the Freedom Electronics engineered WM040824-0011 for your Ovation 2 or Helix dispensers. Elevate your service quality and ensure your fuel pricing is always clear and dependable.