TLS-350 ECPU2 System with FE-350 Printer

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Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)
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Maintain your Veeder-Root TLS-350 ECPU2 System for cost-effective Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) system operation.

Note: This system comes with our Freedom Engineered FE-350 printer. The FE-350 does not have the journal take-up reel. You might prefer the original TLS-350 printer if your customer requires that feature. The FE-350 printer uses the same paper as the pump, so there is no need to special order paper for ATG.

The TLS-350 series is widely recognized for its reliability and precision in monitoring underground and aboveground storage tanks. It offers comprehensive solutions for fuel inventory management, leak detection, and regulatory compliance. Recently discontinued by Veeder-Root, we offer a wide selection of remanufactured parts to keep your system running.

The ECPU2 (Enhanced CPU) component represents an upgraded central processing unit designed to offer enhanced capabilities, including faster processing speed, increased memory, and improved connectivity options compared to earlier versions. This upgrade enhances the system’s overall performance and allows for more sophisticated software features and diagnostics tools that can help operators manage their fuel inventory more efficiently and detect potential environmental hazards early.

Key Features and Benefits of the TLS-350 ECPU2 System include:

  • Improved Accuracy: Enhanced precision in monitoring fuel levels, water levels, and temperature within tanks, helping to optimize inventory management and reduce the risk of runouts or overfills.
  • Leak Detection: Advanced algorithms and sensors detect leaks with high sensitivity, safeguarding against environmental contamination and helping businesses comply with stringent regulatory standards.
  • Connectivity and Integration: Offers options for integration with other systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) and back-office systems, for streamlined operations and better data management.
  • Flexible Configuration: Can be customized with various modules and sensors to meet the specific needs of different facilities, including those requiring vapor recovery, pressurized line leak detection, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies monitoring and management tasks with an intuitive interface, providing clear insights into tank inventory levels, leak detection status, and system health.
  • Uses the same paper as the pump: The FE-350 printer uses the same paper as the pump, so there is no need to special order paper for ATG.

The remanufactured  Veeder-Root TLS-350 ECPU2 System with our FE-350 printer represents a significant way for facilities to keep their TLS-350 tank monitoring capabilities operational without an expensive upgrade. Keep your investment working longer with Freedom’s TLS-350 selection.