GPS4490-VF Gryphon 2D Scanner with Cable and Base for Topaz 310/410, Ruby2, Ruby CI, C18

Freedom Engineered for VeriFone

Gryphon 2D Scanner with Cable and Base for Topaz 310/410, Ruby2, Ruby CI, C18

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Replacement for
GPS4490, GPS4490Verifone, SYMBOLDS9208-SR4NNR28Z
Warranty (Days)
Comes With
FE-90A051939 Data Cable
System Brand
System Models
C-18, Ruby 2, Ruby CI, Topaz 310/410
Point of Sale (POS)
Part Type
Box Dimensions
6 × 10 × 5 in
Dimensional Weight

Gryphon 2D Scanner: Compact, Versatile, and Efficient

Comes With: Cable and Base

The Gryphon 2D Scanner is perfect for your Topaz 310/410, Ruby2, Ruby C1, and C18 POS system. This advanced omnidirectional presentation scanner is specifically designed for the dynamic demands of modern retail, offering unparalleled efficiency and versatility in a compact form factor. Whether you need to process small, easily handled items with hands-free convenience or manually scan larger, bulkier products, the Gryphon 2D Scanner delivers exceptional performance.

Key Advantages for the Gryphon 2D Scanner Users:

  • Adaptable Scanning Modes: The Gryphon 2D Scanner shines by offering effortless hands-free scanning for smaller items and effective handheld operation for larger merchandise, ensuring a smooth checkout process.
  • Designed for Space Efficiency: Ideal for retail environments where counter space is valuable, this scanner’s compact design integrates seamlessly, maintaining a clean and organized checkout area.
  • Ergonomic and Intuitive: Equipped with a cable and adjustable stand, the Gryphon 2D Scanner can be tailored for the most efficient scanning angle, enhancing usability and comfort. If space conservation is a priority, the stand can be removed to reduce the scanner’s footprint further.
  • Flawless Compatibility with Topaz Systems: Engineered to work in perfect concert with Topaz 310/410, Ruby2, Ruby C1, and C18 POS systems, the Gryphon 2D Scanner guarantees a hassle-free integration, enhancing your retail operations without skipping a beat.

Maximize the retail checkout experience with the Gryphon 2D Scanner. This scanner is not just a tool but a solution that brings speed, accuracy, and flexibility to your Topaz 310/410, Ruby2, Ruby C1, and C18 systems. Opt for the Gryphon 2D Scanner and transform your point of sale into a pinnacle of efficiency and customer satisfaction.