STP-SC Smart Controller for STP 1/3hp, 3/4hp, 1.5hp, 2hp

Franklin Fueling

STP-SC Smart Controller for STP 1/3hp, 3/4hp, 1.5hp, 2hp

SKU: FR-5800100105
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Franklin Fueling
Submersible Pumping
STP Parts
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10 × 13 × 6 in
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Franklin Fueling STP-SC Smart Controller –

Boost Your Submersible Pumping Efficiency with the Freedom Electronics’ Remanufactured 5800100105!


Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits perfectly with 1/3hp, 3/4hp, 1.5hp, and 2hp submersible pumps. Ideal for various setups.
  • Smart Operation: Automatically controls start/stop and speed. Saves energy and reduces costs.
  • Energy Efficient: This Smart Controller cuts power use. Enjoy lower energy bills.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Keeps track of your pump’s health. Quick diagnostics prevent costly downtime.
  • Easy to Use: Simple installation. User-friendly interface for effortless operation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Protects against common hazards. Prevents damage and extends pump life.

Why Choose This Remanufactured Product?

  • Cost-Effective: Get top-tier functionality at a reduced price. Great value for smart technology.
  • Eco-Friendly: Choosing remanufactured helps the planet. Less waste and resource use.
  • Reliable: Thoroughly tested. Meets the stringent standards of Franklin Fueling.

The remanufactured Franklin Fueling STP-SC Smart Controller is a cornerstone for optimizing submersible pumping. It is tailor-made for boosting efficiency, ensuring safety, and enhancing the performance of your STP parts.


Upgrade to this Smart Controller today. Optimize your operations and safeguard your investment!