Veeder and Incon Probes

Remanufactured Products

At Freedom Electronics, we’re in the business of breathing new life into Veeder and Incon Probes. Our dedication to excellence ensures that our remanufactured products are not just restored to their original condition, but significantly improved to provide better quality, extended life, and unmatched reliability.

The Freedom Electronics Difference

We go beyond just fixing the immediate issue. Instead, we look at the entire picture, replacing worn components automatically to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Our Probe Kits Include:

  • Epoxy and probe cables — an added $200 value
  • 1-year warranty for your peace of mind
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Veeder Probes

Our remanufactured Veeder Probes – including the Mag 8′, Mag Plus 8′, Mag 10′, and Mag Plus 10′ – offer enhanced reliability, thanks to new components. 

We give each Mag and Mag Plus aluminum probe a new shaft, replace all thermistors, equip a new connector for a trouble-free cable connection, and install a new temperature sensor. 

Experience the Freedom Electronics difference with our top-tier Veeder Probes.

Incon Probes

Revitalized to deliver peak performance, our Incon Probes – available in the New Style 8′ and New Style 10′ – embody our commitment to quality and value. Every detail of the remanufacturing process is carefully handled to ensure that our Incon Probes are ready for the demands of the future.

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