Freedom Electronics ESCO Acquisition FAQs

Freedom Electronics is pleased to announce the acquisition of ESCO Services. The combined business creates one of the largest suppliers of new and remanufactured aftermarket parts in the retail petroleum business.

The new enterprise establishes the scale necessary to ensure customers will be able to source high-quality aftermarket parts at reasonable prices and with predictable availability. The joint customer base has access to a broader product portfolio, can leverage Freedom’s Enhanced Core Management program, and will benefit from the industry’s largest core inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should Customers call or purchase from: ESCO or Freedom?

No change for now: Continue to call either ESCO or Freedom as you would normally do.

Will the ESCO name change?

ESCO Services in MI and ESCO Manufacturing in FL will both operate as ESCO, a Freedom Electronics Company.

Where do I send payments?

Continue to remit payments to the respective companies until further notice. The banking information will change.

Will Freedom and ESCO have the same policies, terms, and pricing?

In the short term, the current policies apply. Freedom and ESCO will continue to have their own policies, terms, and pricing, but over time expect convergence of pricing and policies.

Will the quote I just received still be honored?

Yes. All open quotes will be honored for the duration of the validity period stated on the quote.

Will prices change?

Expect alignment of pricing over time. Freedom Electronics and ESCO are both competitive in the market, so we do not expect material changes to either company’s pricing.

Will my warranties still be in effect?

Yes. Existing warranty policies from each respective company will remain in full effect. Each company will continue to warrant their products and services against defects in parts and workmanship.

I am a customer of one of the companies but want to do business with both. Do I need to set up a new account with the other company?

In the short term, ask your current inside salesperson whom to contact at the other company.

Can I place orders for ESCO products and Freedom products on the same website?  Can I see all my transactions for both companies in one place?

At this time, each company will maintain independent order management systems. ESCO’s web portal will only show ESCO transactions and Freedom Electronics’ portal will only show Freedom transactions. We will migrate to one unified system in time and will provide our customers with more details as that effort progresses.