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Mag Variable Frequency Controller (MagVFC)

SKU: FR-5874202800
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Franklin Fueling
Submersible Pumping
Submersible Pump Controllers/Relays
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17 × 14 × 12 in
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Discover our Mag Variable Frequency Controller (MagVFC)

This remanufactured Franklin Fueling  874202800 Mag VFC is designed to ensure your pumps operate efficiently. It provides constant flow and monitors for any unusual conditions, including “out of fuel” alerts.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Not only does it work seamlessly with both 2HP and 4HP motors, but the 2HP models also support both single and three-phase power.  4HP models specifically require a three-phase power supply
  • Adaptable Power Supply: Adaptable Power Supply: Connects directly to a 200-250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz power source, adapting effortlessly to diverse operational settings.
  • Constant Flow Maintenance: Automatically adjusts motor performance to keep the flow rate steady.
  • Condition Monitoring: Warns of any odd issues, making sure of early fixes

Refurbished to Perfection:

  • Comprehensive Remanufacturing:  We auto-change all high-power components and common failure items to meet or exceed OEM Specs.
  • Rigorous Quality Control:  Our QC testing team performs a full load test with a 4 HP motor, so you are guaranteed a great out of the
    box experience.
  • Like-New Condition: All cases are painted and knockouts are covered to provide a part that looks like a new unit
  • Customer Friendly: Core exchange policy.

Maintain your system’s efficiency and reliability with the remanufactured MagVFC Variable Frequency Controller. With its advanced features and proven performance, it’s an essential component for keeping optimal operation of your submersible turbine pumps. Order now and experience the value and quality of a Freedom remanufactured controller.