Freedom Engineered for Veeder-Root

4″ Mag Plus Float Kit with 10′ Cable for TLS-350/350Plus/450/450Plus

SKU: FE-846400-000
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Replacement for
FE-846400-000, 846400-000
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Models
TLS-350, TLS-350Plus, TLS-450, TLS-450Plus
Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)
Box Dimensions
8 × 10 × 5 in
Dimensional Weight

Experience performance and value with the new 4-inch Mag Plus Float Kit by Freedom Electronics

These brand-new kits, which come with a 10-foot cable, have been expertly manufactured by Freedom Electronics.

Elevate your fuel management capabilities with the Freedom Engineered FE-846400-001 or FE846400-000 Float Kit, the premier alternative to the OEM Veeder-Root 4-inch Mag Plus Float Kit for gasoline and diesel fuel tanks. This brand-new kit, designed to integrate with MAG Plus probes, is your go-to solution for accurate and reliable fuel level monitoring. Distinguish your fuel inventory management and environmental compliance with a kit that is not only tailored for both gasoline and diesel applications but also enhances your setup with a significant upgrade: a 10-foot cable, doubling the standard OEM version’s 5-foot cable for greater flexibility and installation ease.

Key Advantages:

  • Extended 10-Foot Cable: The Freedom Engineered Float kits set themselves apart with a 10-foot cable, which provides superior reach and versatility in installation compared to the OEM version’s standard 5-foot cable.
  • Fuel-Specific Versions: Choose the perfect match for your fuel type with versions specially designed for gasoline and diesel, ensuring optimal compatibility and measurement accuracy.
  • Seamless MAG Plus Probe Integration: These float kits are engineered for flawless performance with MAG Plus probes, making it a seamless fit for your existing fuel monitoring system.
  • Durable and Reliable: Crafted with high-quality materials resistant to your specific fuel type, this kit promises longevity and dependable operation in the tough conditions of fuel storage.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed with ease, they minimize downtime and facilitate a quick and hassle-free setup or replacement process.
  • Precision in Fuel Management: Accurately measure fuel levels to enhance inventory control and operational efficiency while aiding in critical leak detection and regulatory compliance.

Why Opt for the Freedom Engineered Float Kit?

The Freedom Engineered Float Kit is not just an alternative; it’s an upgrade for your fuel dispensing system. Offering a new kit with advanced features such as the extended 10-foot cable, it provides unmatched flexibility and convenience in installation. Whether you manage gasoline or diesel fuel, this kit delivers the precision, durability, and compatibility you need to optimize your fuel storage monitoring.

Invest in the Freedom Engineered float kits for an enhanced approach to fuel management. With superior design, extended reach, and commitment to quality, they areis the ideal choice for fuel station operators aiming for top-tier efficiency and compliance. Elevate your fuel monitoring system today with a kit that extends beyond the standard, ensuring your operations are not only compliant but also ahead of the curve.