M12828A001 CRIND Control Node 4 for Encore 700S


CRIND Control Node 4 for Encore 700S

SKU: FR-M12828A001
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Replacement for
M12828A001, M04108A001
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Model
Encore 700S
Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
Part Type
Control Boards/PCBs
Box Dimensions
13 × 10 × 2 in
Dimensional Weight

Upgrade your Encore 700S dispensers with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s M12828A001, CRIND (Card Reader in Dispenser) Control Node 4

This key piece makes card transactions quick and secure, perfect for busy stations.



  • Just for Encore 700S: Fits like a charm, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Secure Payments: Keeps card transactions safe, supporting stripes and chips.
  • Reliable: Ensures steady communication for error-free processing.
  • Tough Build: Ready for the rough station life.


  • Better Experience: Speeds up payments, making customers happy.
  • Keeps Things Moving: Reduces glitches and downtime.
  • Safe and Sound: Meets security standards, protecting against fraud.
  • Simple Setup: Easy to install, so you’re back to business faster.

Perfect For:

Stations with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Encore 700S dispensers needing an upgrade or replacement. The remanufactured M12828A001 CRIND Control Node 4 is a cost-effective way to enhance security and efficiency.


Opt for the remanufactured M12828A001 for your Encore 700S dispensers. It’s the smart choice for ensuring fast, secure card payments, keeping your operations smooth and your customers satisfied. Get yours today and take a step up in service quality.