iMeter Proportional Valve (4 Bolt) for 3/Vista, Ovation


iMeter Proportional Valve (4 Bolt) for 3/Vista, Ovation

SKU: 890568-R01
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Replacement for
890568-R01, FR-890568-R01
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3/Vista, Ovation
Fuel Dispensers/Pumps
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iMeter Proportional Valve (4 Bolt) for Wayne 3/Vista, Ovation Fuel Dispensers

Precision Fuel Dispensing Made Easy!


Key Features:

  • Advanced Control: Dynamically adjusts fuel flow for precise dispensing.
  • 4 Bolt Design: Ensures secure, stable installation.
  • Designed for Wayne Dispensers: Perfect fit for 3/Vista and Ovation models.

Why Choose This iMeter Proportional Valve?

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Provides exact fuel measurements.
  • Reliable Performance: Built for consistent operation in hydraulic systems.
  • Easy Integration: Matches perfectly with your Wayne fuel dispensers/pumps.

Upgrade your fuel station with the iMeter Proportional Valve, specifically engineered for Wayne’s 3/Vista and Ovation series. This valve is a cornerstone in maintaining efficient, accurate fuel dispensing, crucial for customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Optimize your fuel delivery today. Install the iMeter Proportional Valve for unmatched precision!