846400-101 2" Mag Plus Float Kit (Diesel) with 5' Cable for TLS-350/350Plus/450/450Plus


2″ Mag Plus Float Kit (Diesel) with 5′ Cable for TLS-350/350Plus/450/450Plus

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Replacement for
846400-101, 212-0640
Warranty (Days)
System Brand
System Models
TLS-350, TLS-350Plus, TLS-450, TLS-450Plus
Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)
Part Type
Box Dimensions
8 × 10 × 5 in
Dimensional Weight

Upgrade your fuel system with the Gilbarco 846400-101 Mag Plus Float Kit

It’s perfect for diesel fuel levels in TLS-350, TLS-350Plus, TLS-450, and TLS-450Plus Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) systems. This kit includes a 2″ magnetic float and a 5-foot cable for easy setup.



  • Diesel Ready: Tailored for diesel, ensuring precise measurements.
  • 2″ Float: Accurate level detection for all tank sizes.
  • 5′ Cable: Offers flexibility in installation.
  • Fits TLS Series: Compatible with TLS-350 to TLS-450Plus ATG systems.

Why It’s Great:

  • Accurate Tracking: Keeps diesel fuel levels in check.
  • Leak Detection: Catches leaks early to protect the environment.
  • Efficient Management: Helps manage fuel stock better.
  • Built to Last: Durable design for reliable long-term use.

Perfect For:

Stations with Gilbarco’s TLS series ATG systems managing diesel. The 846400-101 Mag Plus Float Kit is key for accurate fuel level monitoring, ensuring your operations are efficient and compliant.


Get the 846400-101 Mag Plus Float Kit for precise diesel fuel level monitoring. It’s the smart choice for enhancing your fuel management system. Install it today and keep your diesel storage accurate and under control.